Here I am living in the town of my birth going through my Saturn Return phase, hopefully the tail end of it.. feeling fairly free and liberated. I’ve decided to try my hand at making a living off of my own artwork for a change. I’ve been using most of my creative energy teaching primarily elementary students how to express themselves through the creative arts. Let’s see how this goes, fire up this old blog into something new. I revamped this old one and added it to my society6 page where you can purchase it as a print HEREcosmic.jpg


Alive with Pleasure!


The first part of this series began in 2009 before my thesis graduation show from Texas State University. Some of original collages in the series were made using cigarette ads taken from 1950’s LIFE magazine and blown up into large prints. This new piece is from a 1979 Newport cigarette ad in National Lampoon magazine.

Photos of 2009 installation:


Original Ad.


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