The Quiet work of planning and making “moves”

This is not uncommon for me as an adult to go through that lull of days with little to no communication with anyone outside of my immediate environment. I’m not texting anybody, nobody is texting me. I’ve opted out of most obligations and social activity prematurely in favor of getting really quiet and “making thoseContinue reading “The Quiet work of planning and making “moves””

Never the Same Again: A Story of SXSW 2010

Originally posted on The End of Austin:
Photo courtesy of Chantelle Rodriguez The year is 2010, a time when Austin isn’t completely overrun with condos, cranes, and “hipsters” just yet, even during the infamous SXSW music festival. My favorite shows are lovingly named Fuck by Fuck West and Sux by Sux West, both christened by…

Hidden Gems

Found this old photo collage scan. My grandma took this photo of me and her dog Chiquita on the beach in Texas. Towards the end of college I was doing a lot of work directly on the scanner bed, this a piece I’d totally forgotten about and probably never showed anyone.