Cool Summer nights Bob Bullock Museum & DIS.ORI.ENT San Diego

I created a 21 minute long music video for the Bob Bullock Museum & COTFG in Austin, Texas as part of an even called Cool Summer Nights the theme for this set & imagery was “Troposphere” miriam webster says it’s “the lowest densest part of the earth’s atmosphere in which most weather changes occur and temperature generally decreases rapidly with altitude and which extends from the earth’s surface to the bottom of the stratosphere at about 7 miles (11 kilometers) high”

This event is tomorrow night August 9th @6pm my video will be shown @ 6pm along with many other artists, the Space Cowboys exhibition free beverages, improv, a planetaruim, art installations & visuals kid friendly all good fun in the name of SPACE.
Have a great time and tell me about it! I’m in the middle of the California desert working on new music & video material. I feel so blessed to have these opportunities to perform and share my work recently here is a video from my my recent installation with
@dis.ori.ent they do installations for Burning Man and parites in most major cities around the world great people to work with! Love their event, music, artists and VR experience!
Here is a peak at my installation and video piece during the event 🙂


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