How hard is it?

So I’m wondering, how hard is it to rebuild a blog after not using it for 3 years? Time shows that this blog was originally launched roughly 7 years ago. It’s gone through some phases, sometimes being an art review blog for local shows in Austin Texas. However, more often than not it ended up being a place to showcase personal work through the tail end of getting my BFA with an emphasis on printmaking and the experimental nature of my work.

So here we are, I deleted my website and for the most part have tapered off social media sites such as facebook and instagram.

I’m uncertain of what the future holds, if I’ll go full on recluse and live by the old school ways of simple face to face or phone communication ONLY.

Or perhaps a patreon, subscription based site where subscribers only get to view my work?

Or continue the poplular yet ever dissatisfying option of posting beautiful pictures and personal work for free, no charge just fodder for the ad hungry money mongers oh and friends + family of course. While the slight social satisfation recieved from these interations provide a brief yet fleeting sense of connection I find myself having issues with the powers that be and the data mongering/selling of personal information for target ad purposes.

Here Enters the free blog solution. I’m not sure if this is the “perfect” solution but it is A solution for now. In between the thoughts of perhaps building out a bigger brighter sparkling new website or going with another ready made site we’ll just have to see how this plays out. Just testing the waters as usual.

Thoughts, comments? Welcome.

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