As an ever evolving person I feel it’s vital to give gratitude in order to thrive. This will be a tell all list of gratitudes as this is often a ritual I keep to myself while creating a sacred space. I’d like to share some forgotten memories of gratitude.

I’m grateful for all of my travels and I aspire to create many more opportunities to do so. A close friend in high school decided it would be a good idea for us to travel after graduation so we set out in May of 2004 on two very big excursions one was a 2 week trip across Europe and the other was a week or 2 in San Diego & Los Angeles California. These trips were monumental to my young budding self. During our stay in Europe we went with a small group of other students to London, France: Paris, Versailles, and Italy: Venice, the island of Padua, Rome & Florence. It was the first time I had ever saved up for something big. I am grateful for my friend at the time for pushing me to achieve the aspiration of leaving the country at such a young age. Although we are no longer friends I can see the value in the culmination of our friendship. The trip I took to California that year was an introduction which shaped a growing love for the state I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to many times over at this point. It is this growing love for California that has inspired me to move there in the near future!

I am grateful for those friends and relationships that have expired and left marks on my heart to make me stronger, learn lessons and grow. I’m grateful for the knowledge and wisdom to understand when it is time to let go and when to hold on. I’m ever grateful for the growing presence of grace in my life.

Thank you angels, guides and mentors for always guiding me back to my higher self.

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