Never the Same Again: A Story of SXSW 2010

Check out this article I wrote that was published online for The End of Austin!

The End of Austin

The year is 2010, a time when Austin isn’t completely overrun with condos, cranes, and “hipsters” just yet, even during the infamous SXSW music festival. My favorite shows are lovingly named Fuck by Fuck West and Sux by Sux West, both christened by punk and noise artists trying to capture the spirit that plenty of struggling musicians living in Austin feel about their town being overrun and invaded by celebrities, big bands, start-up companies, and grown adults who are seemingly unable to find trashcan for their empty beverages. These shows were often thrown in lesser known venues and dive bars outside of official showcases in dark dingy spaces with just the right amount of people. Fuck by Fuck West was an all-day, outdoors event with a variety of groups ranging from street punk to thrash, along with noise artists from all over. Sux…

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