Art Palace, Houston

Some of you may have fond memories of Art Palace, Austin. Arturo Palacios, the owner, packed up his belongings at the end of 2009 and moved the gallery from its East Cesar Chavez location to Main Street, Houston. I had the pleasure of viewing his latest, appropriately-titled exhibition, “LADIES FIRST,” running from now to May 1st. I highly recommend this show to both ladies and gents: with the gallery’s beaming white floors, walls and tall ceilings, it’s hard not to be impressed!

This exhibition features one of my favorite female Texan artists, Elaine Bradford. Bradford currently resides in Houston. She has exhibited across the United States (and Texas), including Austin’s own Women & Their Work gallery. Bradford uses a combination of natural  and manufactured zoomorphic found objects, adorned with handmade crocheted garments. Fantastically displayed, these brightly-colored sculptures stimulate the viewer’s imagination in an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque fashion.

Elaine Bradford (F) Jessica Halonen
Elaine Bradford (F) Jessican Halonen (B)

Bari Zipperstein

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